Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Troop 1616 After Meeting Review

Troop 1616 After Meeting Review
March 4, 2008
The Meet went fairly well once the Senior Patrol Leader arrived on site. The issue was so much the SPL running the meeting it is the time that the SPL arrives at the meeting is the biggest problem. Tonights focus was a campfire program and a snow shelter building activity. This snow shelter building activity is going to take several weeks to become fully developed. Here are the meeting scores for the week.
  • Preparation: C, Average preparation level for the activity. Senior Patrol Leader needs to arrive on time. The JASM should have taken over the meeting sooner instead of waiting until 18:42 when the meeting was suppose to start at 18:30. JASM must not hesitate to take over when SPL is going to be late.
  • Presentation: A, Did not lay out instructions in advance but the walk through system of explaining it, doing that step, and then repeating the process was used. This shows that the teacher understands that the intended audience needs assistance but also the teacher needs to learn to explain all directions in advance.
  • Level of Material Gathered: C+, has a thorough understanding of the subject but is having some what of a hard time getting across the information to the scouts. Hopefully as person teaches more, the teacher will become more confident.
  • Additional Comments: Good job at tonights meeting and way to go in understanding you position. Taking charge of the situation like the SPL did is what should occur during every meeting. Do not wait for the JASM to take over the meeting, instead as the SPL take charge and lead your Troops.
Action Items for Next Meeting
  1. Deal with Summer Camp Issues
  2. Deal with ALyeska Trip Issues: Need to find second trip coordinator and finalize time and schedule for activity.
  3. Advancement issues with not updating boy scout handbook when appropriate. Need to talk about and explain the importance of the Boy Scout Handbook to the Troop
  4. JASM needs to take a more direct role when SPL is late but otherwise should have a secondary role at the meeting.
Yours in Scouting Service
Mark W
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster
Troop 1616

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