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NSJ 2010 Bulletin

September-October 2009


Should Already Be Done

  • Second national fee paid by July 31.
  • Confirmed transportation and tour arrangements.
  • Finalized council fee and payment schedule.
  • Designed council shoulder insignia.

In Progress

  • Promote jamboree at roundtables.
  • Promote jamboree at troop meetings.
  • Make individual calls to Scouts who have indicated an interest in attending.
  • Hold monthly committee meetings.
  • Schedule Troop Junior Leader Training for early 2010.
  • Schedule the troop’s pre-jamboree training campout for late May 2010.
  • Prepare for the third and final payment, due January 31, 2010.

Next 30 Days

  • Order council shoulder insignia.
  • Order custom unit numeral.
  • Order equipment packages from Supply department.

Announcing new lower prices on canvas tents. Check out the updated 2010 Jamboree Package Plans brochure on MyBSA>>Resources>>Jamboree Information.

September 16, 2009: The first batch of Jamboree Health and Medical Records for those who are council-approved have been distributed. Before you ask or e-mail a question, please review not only this alert, but also all of the information about the process contained on this Web site.

Our hints for making this a better experience:

  • Mac users, please open the medical record with Adobe Reader 9, not in preview mode.
  • The password that you will receive is case-sensitive. Many users have found cutting and pasting the password is easiest. To date, we haven’t found a technical issue that prevents the medical record from being opened with the assigned password when entered correctly.
  • We suggest you download Adobe Reader 9 if you do not have it. It’s available for free; we consider that pretty thrifty: .
  • If you have your spam filter in place and have not added to your sender list, please correct this issue before you ask for another record.
  • The confidentiality of your information is important to us. Thus, the medical record is password-protected and encrypted. If you have a .mil address or a policy in place that does not allow encrypted password-protected documents to pass, we suggest you update your or your son’s registration to include a personal e-mail address that will allow the attachment through. You can do this yourself at , MyScouting. We know the Army is filtering these records.
  • If you notice incorrect information after you open the file, type over it and print out the record.
  • Please complete the record to reflect the time the physical exam is performed.
  • Parents, you should receive a copy of your son’s medical record. If you used the same e-mail address for both of you, that is why you received two copies.
  • Leaders, if you let your youth use your e-mail address, then you’ll receive theirs as well. Each record is bar-coded with the participant’s member ID.
  • Council coordinators, you get a copy of all contingent members’ forms.
  • Council coordinators, please contact the jamboree registrar at if you need to remove a youth from your attendees list. Parents, please contact your council if your son will not be attending the jamboree.
  • We understand some of you inadvertently deleted the form. This is not a problem. If you cannot recover it, send us an e-mail, and we will resend it.
  • If you have general questions about the Jamboree Health and Medical Record, please review the FAQs (click the link below) before contacting us.

There is still room: Despite rumors, there is still room available at the 2010 National Scout Jamboree, both as participants and staff members. Prospective participants should contact their local council and get signed up as soon as possible. Prospective staff members need to fill out an application at After all, the 100th Anniversary comes only once. You don’t want to miss this one! Staff members should go to the staff section of this Web site, go to the bottom of that page, and click on “staff positions available–complete list” to view all of the positions available.

Troop Leader Guide: The 2010 National Scout Jamboree Troop Leader Guide is now posted on this Web site. Check out the “Publications” section on the left side to download and print a copy. Please remember this is a “living” document. If you printed a copy some time ago, you may want to print the newest version from our Web site.

Youth Protection Training: Leaders and staff, don’t forget to update your Youth Protection training so it will be current during the national Scout jamboree. Make sure you go through your “MyScouting” account so it will include the correct date. If you need assistance with your “MyScouting” account, contact the customer service center at 800-627-3025.

Travel Advisories: Soon it will be time to book your travel to Fort A.P. Hill. Information will go out via e-mail regarding travel advisories. It is imperative to housing, food services, and emergency services that a travel itinerary for every staff member and for every contingent troop be submitted to the Jamboree Transportation Services by the due date. Instruction on submitting this information and the due date will be included in the e-mail. Be sure to check your e-mail, including the junk/spam folder, regularly.

Recycling: One goal of the 2010 jamboree is to be the “greenest” jamboree to date.

Our refuse contractor has developed a waste removal and recycling program for the 2010 National Scout Jamboree. Each subcamp will have distinct containers for waste material and recycling of specific materials. Each container will be clearly marked, identifying the materials that should go inside.

The proceeds from these transactions will be utilized to offset the expense of hauling and disposing of non-recyclable materials.

Non-recyclable trash will be bagged and collected in a marked subcamp container that will be emptied regularly by our refuse company and disposed of at a landfill.

Dishwater and wet kitchen waste should be collected in pails and taken to the nearest grinding station for appropriate disposal by subcamp maintenance/environmental personnel. Scouts are required to do the same. Food waste recycling is being explored; guidelines and containers for this type of recycling would be made clear.

World Friendship Fund: A Good Turn opportunity for jamboree participants will be provided at breakfast on Thursday, July 29, 2010. At this time, a collection will be taken for the World Friendship Fund. The purpose is to make Scouts and Scouters aware of how the fund helps Scouts around the world and to give them a chance to contribute to world Scouting endeavors.

A collection bag will be given to each troop in a subcamp by the subcamp program officials prior to the collection. Follow subcamp instructions on how to turn in the collection bag after breakfast.

Scout Visitors to the Jamboree: Jamboree activities are made possible by the event fees paid by participating Scouts and leaders. To ensure all paying Scouts get ample opportunity to participate in all of the jamboree activities, visiting Scouts will not be allowed to participate in events and activities at the 2010 National Scout Jamboree. Participation in the activities at the action centers (action alley, air rifle, archery, bikathon, buckskin games, confidence course, motocross, pioneering, rappelling, and trapshooting) by members of visiting units will not be allowed. Other areas reserved for paid jamboree participants are the outback centers (conservation, fishing, and aquatics), mountain boarding, and the Order of the Arrow’s THE MYSTERIUM COMPASS. Visitors will not be able to work on merit badge requirements at the Merit Badge Midway. Visitors are allowed to watch the action, tour the various activity sites, and purchase food and awesome souvenirs at the trading posts.

Yours in Scouting Service
Mark W
Assistant Scoutmaster
Troop 1616
Great Alaska COuncil
Eagle Scout OA Brotherhood Member
NSJ '05 WSJ '07 '11 Philmont AA '08

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