Sunday, 27 April 2008

PLC Meeting

Patrol Leaders Council Meeting
April 27, 2008
This Patrol Leaders Council meeting is the first youth based planning meeting this Troop has had for a long time. The reason this occurred this way was because of the fact that the adults did not want to give as much power to the youth as they should have. I am not going to name specific people at fault but the fact remains that not letting the youth do their job as a member of the Patrol Leader's Council is the same as just giving out requirements. I do not believe the youth are at fault because the adults allowed this to happen because they felt the youth leaders that were used were not capable in their position but I have found that fact to be untrue. Back to the meeting, the PLC group accomplished planning 5 meetings and assigning tasks to the various people who could easily complete the assignment. This took approximately a 1 and 40 minutes to complete. The other 20 minutes of the 2 hour PLC meeting was spent working on outing issues and upcoming important dates briefing.

Yours in Scouting Service
Mark W
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster
Troop 1616


April 26, 2008
Well this previous saturday morning I woke up to find that 4 inches of new snow had accumulated on the ground, my Troop was suppose to do a outside display of a pioneering tower for this promotional scouting event. The fortunate thing for the Troop was just as we were finishing clearing the snow off the mall parking lot, the mall manager who is a really nice guy shows up and offers that as long as we put down tarps on the carpet we can build the pioneering tower inside. For me this was absolutely fabulous because it meant that my stress level could go way down. The reason why my stress level went down was because I did not have to worry about a slippery surface or cold weather. Throughout the day I basically served as a critiquor and safety officer instead of actually building the tower. The reason why they had me do this was because of the fact that I was the most senior scout at the event. The SPL did not show up to the event so the running of the event fell to me as the JASM.

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