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Patrol Duty Roster

One of the biggest problems that a new patrol leader faces is determining how to evenly and fairly distribute the work load between the various scouts in his patrol. Distributing the work load within a patrol is essential because it allows the patrol to learn how to work as a team and it also teaches the patrol how important working together is. The Patrol duty roster is essential document for every outing that should be agreed on by the members of the patrol before the outing even begins. Dividing and making a patrol duty roster helps to ensure balance and makes sure everyone has a job to do.

The patrol duty roster has jobs on it that are referred to as patrol Leadership positions. All of the patrol leadership positions except for Patrol Leader do not count for rank advancement. Some of the important Patrol leadership positions include:
  • Patrol Leader: Directs and supervises the activities of the patrol. Communicates information to his assigned members from the Senior Patrol Leader.
  • Assistant Patrol Leader: Serves at the discretion of the patrol leader meaning that he helps the patrol leader as necessary and fills in for the patrol leader on a as needed basis.
  • Head Cook: in charge of preparation and the cooking of the meal based on the outings meal plan. Directs the Assistant cook to do various tasks.
  • Assistant Cook: Assists the head cook in the preparation and cooking of the meal.
  • Grubmaster: The person who is in-charge of securing the food for the patrol before the campout. Informs cook what is on the menu on a as needed basis. This position is primarily for before the outing begins.
  • Cheermaster: Leaders the patrol in songs and the patrols yell. Helps the patrol to keep a high level of morale with his commrades.
  • Fireman: Incharge of preparing and lighting the fire for cooking or for warmth. Also ensures the fire that the patrol is incharge of is completely out before he goes to bed.
  • Waterman: Gathers water to cooking, cleaning, and drinking. If filtration is necessary this person should have a assistant.
  • Scribe: In charge of keeping patrol records such as duty rosters, meal plans, attendance, and advancement paperwork. Assistants the Troop scribe on a as needed basis.
  • Quartmaster: Solves gear issues to his level of expertise or gets assistance from the Troop quartermaster. Reports need for repairs, broken, or lost items to the Troop quartermaster.
  • Head KP Person: Is incharge of setting up and maintaining the dish line. Washes the patrol dishes and supervises the washing of personal dishes.
  • Assistant KP Person: assistants the head KP person in the washing of patrol and personal dishes.
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