Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Philmont Journal

Philmont Journal Day 3
October 20, 2008
Today was the first day in the trail. For everyday on the trail I will provide a approximate description of the route followed for that day at the end of the post using a numbered system. Today we were on the trail by 8:30 am with one of our two guides. The other guide was getting medical clearance for a ankle injury that was bothering her. We started the day by driving in philmont vehicles to the Abreu campsite were we were dropped off to begin our journey. From their our goal was to get to Beaubien by the time dinner rolled around. We ended up getting their fairly close to dinner time. We had lunch at in a large meadow that was start of the long open valley we had to travel up to get to our campsite. During lunchtime we also had to pump water to refill water bottles. Everyone did fine the first day without any major incidents.

  1. Drove veichles south to a southern entrance where we took a road all the way to the Abreu Campsite.
  2. Hike from abreu campsite to the Old Abreau Campsite
  3. From the Old Abreu campsite we folloed the Bonito Creek Trail. This trail follows Bonito Creek.
  4. The Bonito creek trail is a trail in some sections and a road in other sections. As much as possible even with the trail being really close to the road we tried to stay on the trail unless the trail went way out of our way.
  5. Followed Bonito Creek trail to Beaubien Campsite. This will end up be our base of operations for the entire journey.
Yours in Scouting Service
Mark W
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster
Troop 1616

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