Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Blog Corrections

Ok so since I made the decision to expand on the Boy Scout Campout and Scout Summer Camp series I should probably correct some titles in order for things to make sense so there will be several different posts that need to have their title changed in order for me to clear up a mess of a series. These changes will be posted tonight and will immediately go into effect. First we need to change the Cub Scout post about summer camp to something more relavent but before that I should tell you the original name which is as follows:

General Typing of Scout Camps For Cub Scouts(Part 1)

After this post it will be referred to as the title listed below:

Summer Camp Options For Cub Scouts

Okay that is definitely going to be the least amount of change when looking at the overall meaning of what is being said. Next we come to the first of the Boy Scout posts that I need to correct with the biggest change being that the above Cub Scout post will not be in the same series as the Boy Scout section originally intended to be all clumped together. After the original part 1 post the title for the second post is that of:

General Typing of Campouts and summer Camps For Boy Scouts Introduction (Part 2)

Since this is not just about Summer season Scout Camp this title is just not relevant and way too long but in some ways it still matches what the original intent of the series. I know this seems like overkill and it most likely is but Im one of those people that has to correct mistakes when I notice them and then point them out to others. Back on topic before I get too carried away, the title for this first part of the Boy Scout camping options series will be:

Weekend and Summer Camp Options For Boy Scouts(Post 1)

next after that comes the third post in the series which was named:

General Typing of Campouts and Summer Camps For Boy Scouts Weekend Camping (Part 3)

Basically the title is going to be a title thats very similar and matches the first part very well, so without wasting any more time the title will be:

Weekend and Summer Camp Options For Boy Scouts(Post 2)

So now that we have taken on the issue of correct titles next it becomes necessary to continue on to the next part of the series, which will be posted within the next several Days. Also by the time the weekend is over look for another post about the first point of Safe Swim Defense.

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