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2005 Jamboree Statistics- More Jamboree Trivia Facts

Here are some of the basic numbers:
  • Over 31,700 Youth attended, making up the 883 jamboree troops present.
  • Scouts from 26 Nations attended.
  • More than 7,000 adults volunteered to provide support and program services.
  • Each jamboree troop is made up of 36 youth, consisting of 4 patrols of 8 scouts, and 4 youth leaders (senior patrol leader, assistant senior patrol leader, quartermaster and scribe) selected from various units in their local council.
  • For the 10 day event Caroline County went from the 50th most populated county in Virginia to the 14th.
Sub Camps were Named after famous explorers

Northeast Region
  1. William I. Koch Troops 0100-0199
  2. Dr. S. Allen Counter Troops 0200-0299
  3. Steven W. Squyres Troops 0300-0399
  4. José I. Castro Troops 0400-0499
  5. Michael Manyak Troops 0500-0599
Western Region
  1. Steve Fossett Troops 0600-0699
  2. Ken Kamler Troops 0700-0799
  3. James A. Lovell Troops 0800-0899
  4. Jim Whittaker Troops 0900-0999

Central Region
  1. Jim Fowler Troops 1000-1099
  2. Scott Carpenter Troops 1100-1199
  3. James Dewey Watson Troops 1200-1299
  4. Don Walsh Troops 1300-1399
  5. Richard C. Wiese Troops 1400-1499

Southern Region
  1. Robert Ballard Troops 1500-1599
  2. Richard Wiese Sr Troops 1600-1699
  3. Donald C. Johanson Troops 1700-1799
  4. William Forgey Troops 1800-1899
  5. Joseph Kittinger Jr. Troops 1900-1999
  6. Will Steger Troops 2000-2099
The Majority of the Region Names have been linked to background information.

Yours in Scouting Service
Mark W
Troop 1616

Scout Cartoons

Here are some examples of the scout cartoon called Knot's Cartoons

Which are published by: Rich Diesslin

Lifes Ladder

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
Lao-tzu, Chinese philosopher (604 BC - 531 BC)

Life is a journey. One must be willing to take the first step in order to begin that journey. This journey is not for the fainted hearted and will not be easy but remember what choice do we have expect to continue on with the life and circumstances we are given. This journey should not be wasted. It is important to learn how to get up even after the biggests falls and begin again. If you do not begin again your journey is halted and you may have regrets later on, so instead of getting dropped and not getting up, get up and jump feet first back into the problem. Once you jump back into the problem you will see what you did wrong and even if it happens a million times, you will know that those million ways for that situation are not the answer. Nothing should be considered a failure because life is about living and learning.

Yours in Scouting Service
Mark W
Troop 1616

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