Tuesday, 11 March 2008

After Meeting Review

Boy Scout Night Meeting Review
Tuesday March 11, 2008
Well tonights meeting was week two of the quinzee building process. This will be the final week for snow/winter camping training sessions. All in all, our scouts hopefully learned a fair amount of information that will be useful for next winter. The meeting expect for opening, announcements, and closing was lead by the SPL. The JASM was able to pull various scouts aside to work on advancement issues. Also the ALyeska Trip was finalized and the tour permit was authorized. The tour permit for the trip will be filed tomorrow at the anchorage scout office.

The SPL's teaching ability and level of expertise in the topic of the night was more than adequate for the intended audience. The SPL's next step in leader training is going to be planning meetings instead of just showing up and running activities. It is going to require resources and time outside the meeting but it will be well worth the effort. During the schools spring break I plan on developing the concept of planning meetings with the SPL

Tonight I had a very good chance to sit down with a ASM and get tons of feedback in various areas of Troop operations. Here is a summary of the feedback I recieved.
  1. SPL is doing a great job of leading activities and needs to be congragulated on a job well done. Second the SPL needs to start work on developing the skills necessary to plan meetings instead of just leading them. JASM will work with SPL to develop the necessary skills. Good chance for the JASM to work on developing various methods of teaaching and presenting the material.
  2. Patrol Development: Need to finalize patrols within the Troop and determine when to do Patrol development activities. Patrol development activities include developing a Patrol Yell, Flag, and customs.
  3. Troop Communications: E-mail communications is fine but need to implement once Patrol Leaders are elected a phone tree that has the PL calling his guys on a weekly basis. Also another idea is continue the weekly updates and maybe work on developing a Troop newsletter. This Troop newsletter should show what the Troop has done and what the Troop is going to do.
These are only a few of the major suggestions but I did not want to make the post to long and boring, so I only include a partial list.

The start time for the meeting was 19:02 and the end time was 20:55. Equating to a meeting that lasted one hour fifty-three minutes.

Yours in Scouting Service
Mark W
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster
Troop 1616

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