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Arrowmen in Action

Arrowmen in Action: Stepping Up To Help When No One Else Did

Arrowmen In Action The twists and turns that come with driving up a mountain road can often be unnerving. So can coming upon an injured motorcyclist on your way to a Scouting event. That’s what happened to 14-year-old Taylor Wood—a Life Scout and Brotherhood member of Siwinis Lodge in Torrance, California—while riding with his Scoutmaster and his Scoutmaster’s son. "We were driving up the mountain and there were about three cars in front of us," recalled Taylor. "Then we started to see motorcycle parts scattered in the road." The motorcycle parts belonged to a motorcyclist in need of help lying on the side of the road with his friend. "None of the other people ahead of us stopped to help so we stopped."

Even though it appeared the injured motorcyclist only had minor cuts and scrapes, Taylor rushed out of the car with his first aid kit. "I always have my first aid kit." Taylor said. "Some people keep them in the back of their car or in their packs, but I keep mine with me." He immediately began to clean the motorcyclist’s open wounds and made sure to stabilize him to avoid making any internal injuries worse. When medical personnel arrived, Taylor and the other passengers in his vehicle slowed traffic down on either side of the accident.

Finally, nearly 20 minutes after Taylor and the others came upon the accident, a Sheriff’s Department helicopter landed nearby to evacuate the crash victim to the hospital. Emergency personnel never revealed the motorcyclist’s name to Taylor or his Scoutmaster, making his heroic deed a random act of good citizenship. But for Taylor, deeds like that are nearly habits. He’s been involved with three other accidents similar to this one. "It’s just a normal instinct," he said.

Taylor used the Power of One to help save a life. How will you use it?

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