Monday, 18 May 2009

Arrowmen in Action

Arrowmen in Action: Hitting a Home Run for the Community

What would happen if you could hit a baseball as far as you dreamed?

Brant Taylor could hit a grand slam, and then some.

When Brant was 14, he dreamed of a ball park that would be accessible to everyone, especially those with special needs. Brant’s older brother, Austin, a developmentally disabled 25 year old with mild cerebral palsy, has been part of the Challenger Baseball League in Greensboro, NC, at Pomona Park for years, with Brant watching.

Brant also noticed that the field was in poor shape – the slick gravel infield, the dusty conditions on dry days, and the muddy outfield. The conditions were not good for the athletes, especially with many using walkers or wheelchairs. Brant realized that the league needed a better place to play.

Brant tackled the $200,000 project with ease – approaching the City Parks and Recreation Department, the city council, the Grasshopper’s Minor League Team, and even their national affiliate, the Florida Marlins. After a lot of run-around, and steady determination from Brant, he was able to secure the materials, funding, and labor to build the new field – with a solid rubber infield to make getting around much easier.

It all came together this spring when the field was completed and the first game was played. The true reward for Brant was the atmosphere of the new field and the smiles of the athletes playing on it.

It is fairly safe to say that Brant hit this one out of the ballpark.

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