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Troop 125 Meeting on December 12, 2011 Review

First before I share my thoughts on how the Troop meeting went, I need to introduce you to this unit since I have never posted a post about this unit. Troop 125 meets at and is chartered by Faith Christian Community Church located in Anchorage, Alaska. Bob Barton serves as the Scoutmaster of the Troop while I serve as a Assistant Scoutmaster for the unit. In this unit there is approximately 40 boys with 3 patrols. Of those 40 boys 20 to 30 boys are active on a regular basis. I joined this unit on December 1, 2011 and this is currently the third unit in the Great Alaska Council that I serve. Denali District of the Great Alaska Council which covers southern anchorage, Indian Girdwood, and whittier is the district that this unit belongs to.

Now back to the main purpose of this post which is to give you my thoughts, feelings, and ideas and also to evaluate how the Troop is doing in several different Boy Scout Methods that are most applicable to the meeting. The Troop meeting that I will be discussing is that of the meeting that occurred on Monday, December 12, 2011 which was our last meeting for the 2011 year for Scouting. We will continue meeting during the second full week of January 2012. In the Boy Scouts of America this will be the hundred and second year of Scouting in the United States, while in regards to the original Scouting Movement known now as the World Organization of the Scouting Movement it will be the one hudred and fifth year of world scouting.

Purpose for this meeting was to work on finishing planning for the campout and to discuss the specific details important to this particular upcoming campout which will be held this coming weekend December 16, 2011 to December 18, 2011. Planning for the campout involved putting together a patrol menu, determining who the grubmaster is, and finally putting together sleeping arrangements for the patrol. Patrol menus did not include all meals from friday dinner to sunday breakfeast because some meals are being provided to the Scouts. In particular this includes friday dinner and saturday dinner with the exception of saturday dinner. Saturday dinner is in a potluck style format and the only thing the Scouts have to prepare for this meal is that of a single side dish. In regards to meal plans for the weekend overall went great and quickly, and also for the most part meals were balanced and appropriate to the conditions of the campout especially since this is a winter campout in Alaska. Winter camping in Alaska has always and will always be a interesting venture to say the least. A few observations that I made during this time was that as the patrols had more and more older Scouts, the more complex the meals became. After that I noticed that while some meals on each of the patrols meal plan included a well balanced meal that took most of the food types in the food pyramid into account. Even though most were well balanced a reminder needs to be given to the Patrol Leaders or to the entire Troop is that all meals should be balanced with all the food groups. Finally maybe one suggestion that would improve performance for the patrol and help with a more balanced diet is to create a meal plan worksheet that includes some of the following things:

  • Each meal during the weekend should be labeled with the day the meal is to occur and what type of meal is given whether it be a breakfast, lunch, or a dinner.
  • Under each meal there should be a place to include the central part of the meal.
  • While below the central part of the meal answer box there should include room for including the 7 food groups listed on the current food pyramid.
  • In another column or section there should be listed individually every ingredient that is needed for that meal and the next to the individually listed ingredient there should be a space to fill in the desired quantity wanted including the unit name.

In regards to assigning grubmasters for the outing most Patrol Leaders were aware of who needed to this job for rank advancement and made the appropriate assignments. This regard for looking out for there Scouts best interest in regards to rank advancement shows the current Patrol Leaders are clearly demonstrating good leadership to their Patrol Members. Finally for sleeping arrangements one thing that surprised me while listening in to the discussions about this campout planning was the high number of Scouts wanting to sleep by themselves. To me when I was a youth member I pretty much always preferred to sleep with a tent buddy especially during the winter because it allows more body heat to be held in the tent. One explanation for this fact could be due to the worlds changing view on how two males sleeping together can create conflit, trouble, and political issues which is primarily because more and more younger people are starting to think that just because you sleep with another guy makes you according to the current world view a person that participates in homsexual behavior. Homosexual behavior while gaining more and more mainstream acceptance is also pushing people to more and more extreme views on how this issue should be handled.

Yours in Scouting Service 
Mark W 
Assistant Den Leadeer/Assistant Scoutmaster
Troop 1316, Troop 1616(aka 669), Pack 100, Troop 125 
Tustumena District/ Denali District/ Eklutna District, Great Alaska Council 
NSJ '05 Youth Participant '10 Subcamp 7 Youth Staff '13 Subcamp 7 Support Staff
WSJ '07 '11 International Service Team Member
Eagle Scout OA Brotherhood Member 
Big Horn Denver Area Council NYLT QM Philmont AA '08

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