Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Scouting and Being Physically Fit

Physical fitness is a word that I shudder at when ever I am forced to recall this subject. To me it is sometimes very hard to determine what is meant by the words "physical fit" in the Scout Oath but on the other times I do understand this subject it is about keeping your body in a physical sate that you can be proud of and a stand of body that allows you to keep doing your favorite activities for as long as possible. I am not saying that you have to go out and become the strongest, the most muscular, the fastest, or the best athlete but I try to expect from myself and others that you learn to take care of your body, so that your body will last as long as possible in this world. Yeah it is much easier to be just a sedentary person but is that truly a good thing for you to do 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no it is definitely not a good idea.

Here are some tips about staying on track with fitness as a beginner who maybe uncomfortable with dealing with athletes who are so much faster and stronger than us non-athletes. I am not saying that it is a crime to be a athlete but these people tend to despise or reject those of us who are not in as good as shape as them.
  1. Determine whether or not you feel that you are in good enough shape for your own standards. Keep your personal goals and favorite activities in mind when deciding whether or not you are fit enough for your standards. Remember that most of us are not going to be the next world's strongest or become a arnold but we still can have goals to increase our body image and strength.
  2. Body image is not the most important thing in life, yes it may help you create a sense of fame but is this the life you want to lead. A positive body image is determined by you and you alone, yes others will comment but if you are happy with your body and are not have serious medical conditions because of physicals conditions then you are fit enough in my opinion
  3. Don't worry about others who always seem to be stronger than you, they usually have been training in some form for a couple of years by now.
  4. Do not be unrealistic about you goals because as soon as you set unrealistic goals you are setting yourself up to fail.
  5. Talk to your family or a trusted medical advisor and see what they think about the physical condition of your body.
  6. Live a balanced lifestyle that has you doing some sort of physical activity three times per week for approximately one hour.
  7. Eating a balanced diet will help you feel better about yourself. I do not agree that the only way to have a balanced diet is to deprive you of certain foods for the rest of your life but remember moderation of certain foods is the key to success.
  8. Sleep. Getting enough sleep should occur before you start even thinking about a serious exercise or workout period. Sleeping allows your body to complete certain processes and allows you to be able to feel better about yourself. You will be able to maximize energy output and increase stamina if you just sleep for the recomended number of hours a night. I am not going say a specific number because that depends on age and many other factors that only you and a qualified medical professional can address.
Remember fitness is about being able to participate in the activity that you want without having to overexert or abuse your body in order to get that activity done. Yes we are not going to be experts in every area of fitness but we have a responsibility to make sure that we live balanced lifestyles. So, get out their and play, that is all their is to it, nothing complicated about that.

All information provided in the above article is not intended to be used against or without approval from your doctor or other fitness expert.

Scouting isn't just about citizenship it is about creating and nurturing citizens that are able to take care of themselves and their world using a ehtical decision making process.

Yours in Scouting
Mark W
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster
Troop 1616

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