Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Philmont Journal

Philmont Journal Day 6
October 23, 2008
Today we still had snow on the ground but is was slowly beginning to melt off. Unfortunately due to my knee still being in pain and me fighting a cold I end up staying back with one of the adults in order for me to feel fairly descent for the hike out the following day. After the group left me and one of the adult leaders caught up on some personal matters that we needed to discuss during this trip. After the personal matter's were out of the way we brought more firewood into the cabin and kept the fire going throughout the day. After gathering the wood we talked about the upcoming fall camporee that I was tasked with planning. Maybe if I have time I will write a post on how the fall camporee went where I was the event's incident commander. Back to the main focus though after that we ate lunch kept talking and then went over the a fire ring to setup for tonights big campfire where we ended up having a large and formal campfire program. After that we played cards and then finally the rest of the guys got back from the group. The group took the Bonito Creek Trail to the Trail Peak Trail where they summit Trail Peak which has a elevation of 10250 feet. Near the top of this peak is a crashed B-52 bomber which the group thought was awesome. After they got back we just hung out, ate and relaxed. When a couple of hours had passed we going started on the second half of our service project continuing to move wood piles and organize the wood stacks. After a hour and a half of doing this we went over to the campfire ring where we had dinner. Once we had dinner and cleaned up our dishes it was dark so we started the campfire program. The scout that put on the program did a excellent job of planning it. Everything in the program ended up going great.

Route: No distance covered due to injury and having a cold.

Yours in Scouting Service
Mark W
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster
Troop 1616

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