Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Leader Vs. Boss

Hopefully the majority of you will be able to realize that there is a difference between a boss and a leader. These words in everyday society are used interchangeably but should because they are most definitely different. Which do you think works best in scouting? I am not going to tell my opinion until after defining the terms using the dictionary. I hope the definitions will make it clear which is the best option but even if they do not, the primary purpose behind this post is to make you see the difference between these commonly misused word.
  1. Boss: to be master of or over; manage; direct; control. to be too domineering and authoritative.
  2. Leader: a person who guides or inspires others. A person who is able to direct the performance or activities of.
Obviously a boss is someone who demands and gets respect through intimidation and fear. I am not saying a boss is always evil but it is still not as effective as leader.

A Leader is somebody who is able to command, inspire, and get the respect of his subordinates based on his behavior and actions.

Remember a boss demands while a leader commands.

Yours in Scouting Service
Mark W
Troop 1616

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    please oh please add an RSS Feed!!!! great scouting site!!!

    Bryan Spellman
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