Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Four Styles of Leadership- Part A

Since lately I have been trying to focus on leadership theroy and its application I figured it woul be appropriate to definite the four main styles of leadership which include the telling style, the coaching style, The persauding style, and the delegating style. In this post I will define the style, then give a example of it being used well, and then finally give a example of the style being used poorly.

Style 1: The Telling Style of Leadership

Definition: The telling style of leadership is used when a person needs to communicate immediately or in a emergency and also when their is a need to give specific instructions when a person is first learning the skill. This style is defined as one-way communication from one person to another and usually involves little discussion.

Used Well: I need you and Jim to go to the comissary to pick up food at exactly 4:30 pm in order to pick up our food for dinner, remember to bring the milk cart wagon with you to haul the food.

Used Poorly: Okay everybody get to the flag gathering area on the double, and I mean everybody. I will tell you way we have to hurry to get there after we get their.

Style 2: The Coaching Style of Leadership

This style of leadership involves two way communication and is communication that should promote the asking of questions and sharing observations. The leader should offer support, encouragement, instruction, and praise.

Used Well: Joe to tie a square you hold one end of a rope in each hand like this. Pass the right and under the rope in your left hand, and pull it snug. Next pass the rope in your left hand over and under the one now in your right hand and pull it snug. Got it? Now you give it a try.

Used poorly: You want to know how to setup that tent? Come on everybody knows how to setup that it, it is as easy as tying your shoes and we have only practiced it a million times.

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Mark W
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