Tuesday, 31 March 2009

WOSM appoints new head

For those of you who don't know the BSA is linked to a organization called the WOSM or world organization of the Scouting Movement and on March 21 the World Scout Committee a governing body in the WOSM appointed Luca Panissod as Secretary General of the WOSM. This appointment follows him after serving as a interim secretary since November 2007.

His words are as follows upon learning of his appointment:

“I am very honoured by the trust that the World Committee has shown towards me and I am perfectly aware of the responsibilities entrusted to me. In order to carry out my mandate, I count on the support of the Committee as well as that of all volunteers and professionals at all levels of our Organization. My commitment is guided by Scouting’s values. My work will aim to bring about the changes needed for our Movement to be able to respond to the needs of young people and to face the challenges of the future.”
Mr. Panissod became involved in world scouting in 1982. He was born in 1949. He has a degree in economics and an MBA from the Sorbonne and very has become very interested in promoting public and social causes.

Many NSO's or National Scout Organizations want the WOSM to help them in following way:

“National Scout Organizations are asking us for inspired
leadership that is focused on results. They are asking us to lead the way”

Mr. Panissod wants to fulfill this request to the best of his ability and the focus of the rest of meeting of the World Scout Committee was focused on taking this idea and making it become action.

Yours in Scouting Service
Mark W
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster
Troop 1616
Great Alaska COuncil
Eagle Scout OA Brotherhood Member
NSJ '05 WSJ '07 Philmont AA '08

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