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NSJ 2010 Bulletin

April-May 2009 Bulletin

Council Checklist: Where Do You Stand?

Should Be Done:

  • Start monthly committee meetings
  • Complete selection of troop leaders (include in monthly committee meetings)
  • Transportation and tour arrangements confirmed
  • District jamboree promotion rallies (jamboree troop leaders promote and conduct)

In Progress:

  • Promote jamboree at all council events
  • Promote jamboree at all district events including Scout Roundtable
  • Promote jamboree at troop meetings
  • Individual calls to Scouts that indicate an interest in attending
  • Monthly committee meetings
  • Develop promotion for summer camp
  • Design council shoulder insignia
  • Follow up on Scouts not adhering to council’s fee schedule

Jamboree Staff Opportunities

There are still several staff opportunities available for our 100th Anniversary jamboree. Our Retail Group has the best record so far with 88.1 percent recruited. However, there are opportunities in almost all of our groups. There are 208 service groups recruiting within the major jamboree groups: Administrative Group, Enterprise Risk Management Group, Food Service Group, Media & Corporate Alliances Group, Retail Group, and the Program & Regional Support Group. During the staff application process online, the entire list of group jobs is listed. All of the major groups still have staffing opportunities.

Some of the opportunities are: security and parking, retail food service, Good Turn for America, sub camp staff, the action centers, and the Order of the Arrow events. For a complete list, check the online list at the staff registration site. We encourage all troop leaders and registered staff members to assist us in identifying other Scouters who may have not applied for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Council Shoulder Insignia

It is time to design and order your council jamboree shoulder insignia. These can be ordered directly from the Supply Division on its new Web site. Here are the instructions: Instructions

The following information can be used as a reference tool when obtaining quotes on the Web site. Also included are instructions detailing the process of creating orders from quotes received via If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the specified individuals below:

  • Questions about quotes, deliveries, etc.: AB Emblem Service Team, 888-438-4071,
  • Questions about a order, order status, etc: AB Emblem Service Team, 888-438-4071,
  • Requests for a custom emblem or patch not listed on Mike Clifton, 800-323-0732 (ext. 461),
  • Changes to your established account or to set up a new account: Mike Clifton, 800-323-0732 (ext. 461),
  • Questions about billing or payments for orders: Mike Clifton, 800-323-0732 (ext. 461),
What’s Going to be New at the Jamboree?

There has been a lot of discussion about what will be new at the 2010 National Scout Jamboree, our 100th Anniversary jamboree. The jamboree gets bigger and better each time, and this one will be no exception.

For the first time, there will be swimming. Two new pools have been purchased for this jamboree. This is in addition to the four pools that will be in use for the scuba programs. Speaking of getting wet, the Order of the Arrow’s Mysterium Compass will give participants a chance to cool off at the end of their trek through the Compass.

Also, for the first time there will be a sporting clays event using world-class shotguns at the new Camp Thunder.

The staff coordinating the Merit Badge Midway tells us there is a huge effort being made to find a way for all 121 merit badges to be represented. Experts in all merit badge fields are being recruited to assist Scouts at the midway.

A new, enhanced visitor plan will ensure a better jamboree experience for guests. Booths with information and refreshments will be available near the visitor parking lot. There will be an optional visitor packet with a map, a patch, and other items.

Food! There will be more refreshments stands with drinks, water, and lots of ice cream. There will also be a value added card that can be used like a debit card at trading posts and concession stands throughout the jamboree.

The opening and closing arena shows of the jamboree will be unforgettable. The closing will be all about the Boy Scouts of America’s 100th Anniversary. This show is in development and will be produced by a professional entertainment company. You won’t want to miss it! In addition, there will be a show the night before the Scouts arrive to thank staff members for their great work in developing and staffing the jamboree.

The 2010 National Scout Jamboree will have lots of new things, but also the wonderful traditions of the past. Don’t miss this one. Sign up today!

Yours in Scouting Service
Mark W
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster
Troop 1616
Great Alaska COuncil
Eagle Scout OA Brotherhood Member
NSJ '05 WSJ '07 Philmont AA '08

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