Thursday, 7 May 2009

2 Upcoming Jamborees

The BSA International Division has just released information that it will be sending a BSA to two different international jamborees. The first Jamboree is the Panamerican Jamboree in 2009. The details for this Jamboree is as follows:

Panamerican Jamboree 2009
Have you ever wanted to head south for the holidays? Perhaps to Mexico? The upcoming Panamerican Jamboree – JamPan – will be held during the Christmas holiday period, beginning the afternoon of 26 December 2009, near Toluca, Mexico. Councils are welcome to organize contingents. However, these contingents must be coordinated through the BSA’s International Committee. An individual contingent must be coordinated through a national contingent scheme. Keep International Committee member Bari Saunders ( informed of your plans, and he will coordinate the logistics with the host country. Bari is serving as the BSA’s contingent leader for JamPan.

New information just released: A troop will be formed to represent the BSA’s International Commissioner. Participants (36 Scouts and four leaders) will be selected from nominations made by IRs. Time is short as this selection process will begin shortly. To make a nomination, please refer to the special mailing being sent to IRs in the near future.
Here is the Information for the 2009 Asia-Pacific Jamboree which is the second event I am talking about:

Asia‐Pacific Jamboree 2009
The international leadership of the BSA recently announced that it will send a patrol to represent it at the upcoming Asia‐Pacific Jamboree beginning 28 December 2009. The eight Scouts and two leaders will be selected from nominations currently on file from IRs. This jamboree is being hosted in the Philippines at well‐known Camp Malachi, which is a full‐service Scout camp that is owned and operated by the Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP). The cost to participate has been set at $800 per person. The fee includes airfare, patrol camping equipment, contingent luggage, and the jamboree fee. Participants will first meet in the Dallas area before their planned flight to Manila. Kent Clayburn, who serves as chairman of the BSA’s International Committee, stated, “This will be an exciting opportunity for some very lucky members of the BSA. Our Scouts will have an incredible time interacting with Scouts from Asia and around the world. This event will literally be a mini world jamboree.” Note to IRs: The International Committee retains nominations made by you until those nominated ask to be removed or they become too old for a youth position in our exchange programs. New nominations for the files are welcome at any time.
Yours in Scouting Service
Mark W
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster
Troop 1616
Great Alaska COuncil
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  1. Odd. The national organization is just now getting ready to send a contingent to an international Jamboree held this year? I feel like there must be some enterprising Scouters out there who have a bunch of guys ready to go and got the BSA to authorize it as an official Jamboree. It seems like the World Jamboree is usually worked on well in advance of 7 months.

  2. Well both these Jamboree's are international events that are in addition to the regularly scheduled World Scout Jamboree. Both these Jamborees are hosted by a a certain country with the backing of a specific World Organization of the Scouting Movement Region not at the full world level. These events for BSA participants require you to get on the list of those willing to travel for the BSA that is maintained by each councils International Representative.


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