Thursday, 18 June 2009

Just a Little Effort

One of the things that i keep getting complaints about in my Troop is how the adult leaders are always nagging the youth leaders to get something done. I guess in part it is the adults fault because we should be reminding youth leaders of the jobs in more polite ways but after a while the politeness needs to end and we need to get down to the serious side of things that is all we are trying to acomplish. The other part to this problem is that we have youth leaders who think that the adults are there to do everything for them and I mean everything this is not okay and is not suppose to happen in a Boy Scout Troop. So if you have a troop like this sit down with the other adults and try to come up with a solution. If your own Troop's resources can't come up with a solution then get others involved.

I guess the point I am trying to make is that if the scouts would be willing to put fourth a little effort then the adults would be more willing to get off their backs and let them breathe a little easier.

Yours in Scouting Service
Mark W
Assistant Scoutmaster
Troop 1616
Great Alaska COuncil
Eagle Scout OA Brotherhood Member
NSJ '05 WSJ '07 '11 Philmont AA '08

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