Monday, 1 June 2009

WSJ 2011 Update 3

The Boy Scouts of America has just recently redone their entire website. Some of the features that were supposed to be changed include all of the following:

  • layout. Giving it a different and more modern look. Hopefully the website will be easier to navigate. It will definitely take some time to get use to but it looks much better.
  • Category view. The categories are based on how you participate or want to participate in the scouting movement. I always knew something like this would be very useful to people new to the scouting movement.
  • Scouting Commmunity. Restructured and change from a beta to non beta version. Sounds like their are some major hiccups in the system that need to be worked out before the system is fully functional.
  • MyScouting Account. Being resigned and restructured. It is being changed in order to accommodate the increased required use by National Council.
There are definitely some major changes going on hopefully all of the kinks will be worked sooner rather than later.

But lets get back to the main focus of this post. The main focus which is a World Scout Jamboree 2o11 update. National Council has just created a information area on the National Council Website. This information has three different categories of people who will be attending the Jamboree as the US contingent. The three categories include:
  • Youth
  • Adult Contingent Leader
  • Adult Staff aka IST or Inernational Service Team.
That is all I have for now. SO if you want lots of information visit the website by clicking here.

Yours in Scouting Service
Mark W
Assistant Scoutmaster
Troop 1616
Great Alaska COuncil
Eagle Scout OA Brotherhood Member
NSJ '05 WSJ '07 '11 Philmont AA '08

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