Friday, 1 January 2010

Welcome to 2010

Scouts, Scouters, Alumni, and other interested parties welcome to the year 2010. If you have not heard the big news, this will be the year that the BSA celebrates their 100th birt hday. The Scout movement which began in the UK actually started 3 years earlier than us in 1907 in case you wanted to know.

Well lets see here, if you haven't already, today is the perfect day to set goals which on this day in particular are more formally known as New Year Resolutions. One of the best ways to set goals is to use the "SMART" model to set your goals. This helps you think practically and realistically, making sure you can actually achieve your goals. Goal setting is very important it allows growth and makes people more oriented to success. I would suggest making a comment to your unit about what goals are, what type of things can be goals, and how to make sure you set goals you follow through with.

Here are my goals for 2010, 2 of them are not scouting related.

1. Improve my fitness level. This may be for a scouting related reason aka the NSJ 2010 but in truth this is a personal goal. Lets take a moment to define what I mean by improve fitness level, first off I need to loose weight, specifically by the Jamboree I want to be less than 175 which I believe is possible since right know I weight approximately 193. Also I need to improve my cardiovascular endurance level.

2. Maintain at least a 3.5 GPA in college for the spring semester. Right now I have a 3.6 something, I forget off the top of my head my exact GPA but that is okay. That means I will have to spend more time studying and focusing on school.

3. Growth my Scout Unit. I am currently working with a cub scout pack that has only 10 people. I need to double this by the end of this year. I also need to recruit 3 more adult leaders that are fully trained.

4. Increase Scout Unit Communications. I need to work on developing a better system for getting a hold of my pack and my den members. This could by through more efficient use of a phone tree, e-mail list, or newsletter.

Those are my goals for 2010 and wish me luck.

Yours in Scouting Service
Mark W
Assistant Den Leader Pack 69
Frontier District, Denver Area Council
NSJ '05 Youth Participant '10 Subcamp 7 Youth Staff
Eagle Scout OA Brotherhood Member
WSJ '07 '11 Philmont AA '08

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