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The Easiest Way To Cover Safe Swim Defense Part C: Post List 1

Ok so in order to make this safe swim defense series make sense I decided to change a few minor things about the what the titles of the post are setup. First Off I change The first chunk of the title to have parts in order to ensure that people have the idea that these posts are all part of a extended series of post all about safe swim defense. I admit that this is going to cover lots of details and require many more posts to be able to adequate cover the subject matter that applies to developed outdoor swimming areas, developed indoor swimming areas, indoor water parks, outdoor water parks, river swimming, wading, or lake swimming. So more or less each one of these have slightly different points to mention in order to completely explain and explore some of the reasons why behind these standards.

Again safe swim defense doesn't always seem practical or easy to do but the reality is that this program has saved lives and it can continue to do so if we as unit leaders make sure that:

A) We follow the standards without alteration or adaption in order to fit the units needs.

B) Adult leaders must follow and set the standard because if we don't follow these rules why would I have to as a youth member. The saying "Do as I say, not as I do" is absolutely stupid really all it does is ask for problems when it comes to youth behavior. Im not excusing the youth from all responsibility but remember even if you don't think your being watched you are being watched all the time.

C) It also makes sure that the adults that are serving as aquatic skills instructors can adequately teach the requirements.

D) Finally you don't understand the guidelines or agree to abide by them especially when unexpected situations come up it can possibly make the situation worse than it already was to begin with.

Finally we come to the list of posts, so after every couple of posts I will state all the posts that are in that series up to that point, so here it is (since I'm writing another post in this series today I will be including in in the list.)

  1. The Easiest Way To Cover Safe Swim Defense Part A
  2. The Easiest Way To Cover Safe Swim Defense Part B: Qualified Supervision (Part 1)
  3. The Easiest Way To Cover Safe Swim Defense Part C: Post List 1
  4. The Easiest Way To Cover Safe Swim Defense Part D: Qualified Supervision (Part 2)

Well so thats the list and as time goes on it will continue to grow larger and larger as the series and length of posts demands so.

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