Sunday, 24 June 2012

Urgent Request for Summer Camp Staff in Alaska Needed Immediately!!!!!!!!

Scouts, Scouters, & Parents:

Im forwarding a very urgent message from Council in regards to a serious staffing issue at the Chugiak Alaska Scout Camps for the Great Alaska Council. In particular this staffing shortage applies to both the Cub Scout Camp aka Camp Carlquist & also the councils boy scout resident camp aka Camp Gorsuch.

Please also forward this to all other Scouters & Scouts you know that may have not gotten this e-mail or havent seen the e-mail from the Council.

If any E-mail addresses were duplicated I apologize for that & hopefully Council will find the person they need for camp ASAP!!!!!!!!!!

--------------Begin Forwarded Message---------------
The Great Alaska Council runs 2 summer camps based out of the Rasmuson Scout Reservation in Chugiak Alaska. The camp is accepting applications for a Asst. Cooks who will help in the food preparation for both camps. During the summer months, the reservation provides food for 300-500 daily.

Cooks are responsible to the Head Cook.

The successful candidate will have experience working in food service. Candidate should also have a desire to work with children, youth, and adults in a camp setting. Background check required.

If interested please contact
-------------End Forwarded Message-------------------

Thanks for all you do for Scouting & for any assistance in regards to this summer staff emergency request. 

Yours in Scouting Service
Mark West
Assistant Scoutmaster
Camp Gorsuch 2012 Super-Troop Coordinator
T1316- Eklutna District; T669- Tustumena District; T125- Denali District;
GAC Program Committee; GAC Training Committee; GAC Cope Committee;
NSJ2005 Youth Participant- Youth QM; NSJ2010 Subcamp 7 Youth Staff; 
NSJ2013 Extreme Sports- Mountain Biking Staff;
WSJ2007 Youth Participant- Youth QM; WSJ2011 International Service Team;
Eagle Scout; OA Brotherhood Honor Nanuk Lodge; Philmont AA2008
2010 NYLT Staff- Youth QM;


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