Monday, 23 July 2012

Quotes of the Day Part 1: Day 6

10 Life Lessons You can Learn
from Albert Einstein:

Life Lesson #1:
Follow your Curiosity!

Life Lesson #2:
Perseverance is Priceless!

Life Lesson #3:
Focus on the Present!

Life Lesson #4:
The Imagination is Powerful!

Life Lesson #5:
Make Mistakes!

Life Lesson #6:
Live in the Moment!

Life Lesson #7:
Create Value!

Life Lesson #8:
Don't Expect Different Results!

Life Lesson #9:
Knowledge comes from Experience!

Life Lesson #10:
Learn the Rules and then Play Better!

Live Your Life:

Life is a Book:
Study it!

Life is Beauty:
Worship it!

Life is a Challenge:
Meet it!

Life is a Dream:
Release it!

Life is a Sorrow:
Overcome it!

Life is a Tragedy:
Face it!

Life is a Song:
Sing it!

Life is Love:
Enjoy it!

Life is a Game:
Play it!

Life is an Adventure:
Dare it!

Life is a Promise:
Fulfill it!

Life is a Struggle:
Accept it!

Life is a Bliss:
Test it!

Life is a Duty:
Perform it!

Life is a Journey:
End it!

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