Sunday, 14 October 2012

Quotes of the Day Part 2: Day 11

Murphy's Laws:

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Law #1:
The smallest Scout will always end up packing the heaviest backpack in the group.

Law #2:
As an adult don't ever tell your Scouts that something isn't flammable because as soon as you do your Scouts will be determined to prove you wrong!

Law #3:
Even if you give 100 reminders about bringing a sack dinner on a campout, the Scout that is one of the older boys will always forget to bring there sack dinner for Friday Night.

Law #4:
The longer the drive to where the Troop is going camping the more likely a Scout will show up 45+ minutes late.

Law #5:
No matter how hard you try, you will never leave on-time. So, live with it and build extra time in anyways even though that extra time probably won't help.

Law #6:
The parent that leaves right after dropping their kid off will be the one who forgot to sign the outing permission slip.

Law #7:
The difficulty of setting up a tent increases exponentially as the number of new Scouts increases.

Law #8:
If there is any sort of body of water near the campsite, a Scout will always get wet if you say........."You can go run off now but I don't want anyone to get wet!"

Law #9:
The majority of first year Scouts will rip open there backpack and dump its contents onto the floor of his tent.

Law #10:
The oldest Scout on the campout will be the one that creates the biggest disaster and most damage to cooking equipment while cooking.

Law #11:
Parents are going to complain about how dirty you got their kids, no matter what you say about getting dirty before the campout, deal with it! Thats life! END of STORY!!

Law #12:
The newest parent to the Troop that drives will have the most rules to keep their car "CLEAN" but I'm here to tell you......."Resistance is Futile"!

Law #13:
If you know a parent that needs quiet to drive and has all sorts of rules when riding in their car avoid having them drive at all costs or give the parent their kid and the quietest Scout in the Troop.

Law #14:
New parents will believe you that Scouts is "Only a hour a week" even if experienced parents tell them otherwise.

Law #15:
The Scout with the newest ___________ while loose it or damage it, with the likelihood of it being lost or damaged as the price goes up with damage/loss probability increasing exponentially.

Law #16:
There will always be at least one Scout that gets soaked during a winter outing no matter how often that Scout is reminded to try to stay dry.

Law #17:
The weather forecast will never match the weather you receive, deal with it because again "RESISTANCE is FUTILE!"

Law #18:
If the parents plan on sharing a meal with Scouts always bring a back-up plan because the one time you forget will be the time that you get the most interesting result that is just barely considered "Edible" 

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