Friday, 7 June 2013

What am I Currently Doing in Scouting

It seems that the positions I serve in grow more numerous as each month goes by but it really isn't adding more positions per-say but instead it is taking on the position in a more serious manner. Currently I volunteer at the Unit, District, and Council level and have developed a very close working relationship with most of the professional staff in my council. Like previously, I still live in Anchorage, Alaska which is in the Great Alaska Council Service Area. This coming summer I was going to go to the National Scout Jamboree at the Summit in Mount Hope, West Virginia, just outside of Charleston but due to personal reasons I made the decision to resign and not go. But it isn't all bad news because for the first time this Summer I will be serving in a paid leadership position. My position is serving as the Cheechako Trail Director for Camp Gorsuch. The Cheechako Trail Director which is considered First Year Camper Program .

At the unit level I am serving as an Assistant Scoutmaster for two different Troops with one being Troop 1316 (T1316) in Anchorage and the other being Troop 0669 (T0669) in Soldotna. Since I don't live in Soldotna the amount of interaction I have with Troop 0669 is limited but I do try to get down to Soldotna at least twice per year. While I still am regularly involved in T1316 my duties at the District and Council levels have caused me to step down from being a primary Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM) within the unit. In some ways this bothers me but deep down I know that I am still serving the unit through indirect service. For the first time in many years I will not be going to Scout Camp as a Unit Leader and instead will get to see the other side (Staff Side) of things.

I think before I get too long of a post that is all I am going to leave you with, so you will just have to wait for part 2 which will be published soon that will talk about the positions I serve in at the Council and District levels, along with brief explanations of what my focus is going to be on this year in those positions.

My Question of the Post is as Follows:

What role or position are you in and why are you in this position (For people with multiple roles I encourage you to list all of them and give a separate reason why you serve in that position)?

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