Sunday, 11 August 2013

Camp Counselor's Manifesto

I am a Summer Camp Counselor..............

I believe in camp.
I believe in shorts, t-shirts, and sandals.
I believe in singing at the table.
I believe everyone should know five games to play on a bus.
I believe in early morning dip (even if I don't always go).
I believe if you play with children you will stay childlike.
I believe that camp makes a difference in every camper's life, as well as my own.
Camp is a place that I can get away from the rush of everyday life and back to the basics.
I come to camp for the campers, but also for myself.
Every camper is an individual and I need to treat them as such.
One method does not work with all campers.
I will strive to find the balance that will help me to see each camper as an individual.
And help me to give them each the summer of their lives.
I will remember my favorite counselors and teachers.
By remembering I draw on the positives of these people to make myself into a better counselor.
I am the most important person at camp to my campers.
My campers will watch everything that I do and say this summer.
So I want to do what is right and say what is good.
Camper see, camper do.
I need help and I will not be afraid to ask for it.
The staff want to see me succeed and will help me to do so, but only if I ask.
Camp is camp because of the people that are there.
I believe that every child should have an opportunity to attend camp at some point in their lives.
Camp is good, no camp is fact, I believe camp is the best place to be.
I believe this going to be the best summer yet.


Yours in Scouting Service
Mark West
Eagle Scout
ASM Troop 1316/Troop 0669
Council Aquatics/Outdoor Ethics
Council Program/Training/Camping

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