Sunday, 16 February 2014

Scouting Isn't................

1) Scouting isn't school, yet Scouting has teachers.

2) Scouting isn't a sports team, yet Scouting promotes competition.

3) Scouting isn't physical education (PE), yet Scouting promotes physical fitness.

4) Scouting isn't a cult/gang, yet Scouting promotes group identity development.

5) Scouting isn't JROTCROTC, yet Scouting promotes military drills and discipline.

6) Scouting isn't the military, yet Scouting promotes a willingness to defend freedom.

7) Scouting isn't about the “first” or the “best”, yet Scouting honors those who perform above and beyond their expectations.

8) Scouting isn't about the top-dog, yet Scouting isn't just about the under-dogs.

9) Scouting isn't about the clothes you wear, yet Scouting promotes wearing the uniform properly.

10) Scouting isn't about the way you look, yet Scouting promotes having a good appearance.

11) Scouting isn't about being athlete, yet Scouting promotes the development of athletic ability.

12) Scouting isn't about learning-by-lecture, yet lecture does have its time and place in Scouting.

13) Scouting isn't about the indoors, yet sometimes activities do occur indoors.

14) Scouting isn't a swim team, yet swimming plays a critical be role in Scouting.

15) Scouting isn't science club, yet Scouting requires critical thinking and scientific observation.

16) Scouting isn't a conservation group, yet Scouting practices Outdoor Ethics and Leave No Trace.

17) Scouting isn't about politics, yet Scouting encourages active citizenship.

18) Scouting isn't a religion or church group, yet Scouting encourages religious and spiritual development.

19) Scouting isn't about who is the richest, yet Scouting promotes thriftiness.

20) Scouting isn't just about becoming an Eagle Scout, yet Scouting holds those who are Eagle Scouts in high esteem.

21) Scouting isn't just another way to college, yet Scouts are usually better prepared for the challenges of college.

22) Scouting isn't just another way to get a scholarship, yet there are scholarships specifically made for Scouts.

23) Scouting isn't just another class, yet there is learning and practicing.

24) Scouting isn't just arts and crafts, yet we do handicraft/creative projects.

25) Scouting isn't just about advancement, yet we encourage Scouts to climb the Trail of Scouting.

26) Scouting isn't just about becoming a good leader, yet we show that anyone can become a successful leader.

27) Scouting isn't just about character development, yet Scouts learn to show integrity.

28) Scouting isn't just a cult or fraternity, yet we honor and up-hold the traditions of Scouting.

29) Scouting isn't just about adults, yet adult association plays a role in what is Scouting.

30) Scouting isn't just for nerds/geeks, yet a large percentage identify as geeks/nerds.

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