Wednesday, 17 December 2014

"You Make the Call" Follow-Up

In first "You Make the Call" post I made our goals that I needed to work towards completing. As a reminder the goals are as follows:

Goal 1: I will make a sincere effort to say 5 positive things that happened each day. These 5 positive things will be logged on my computer and then posted to this blog on a weekly basis. I will do this every week for 12 weeks.

Goal 2: I will say at least 1 positive thing to 3 different people each and everyday. If I am not going to leave the house on one day I will write a short message or email to a friend or family member each and every day for 12 weeks.

Goal 3: I will not allow myself to see more than 3 days each week as a complete failure or hopeless endeavor.

Goal 4: I will hold myself accountable to the two daily and 1 weekly  goal by regularly updating the readers of this blog on a regular basis.

So I was supposed to start these four goals on Monday December 1 and then provide regular updates. Obviously based on the lack of posts I have not followed through. Unfortunately, I have come to the realization these 4 goals are currently un-achievable as I lack the motivation to follow through. Therefore I am stopping this challenge and will continue with my old posts to ensure regular posting.

Yours in Scouting
Mark West
Eagle Scout
Assistant District Commissioner
Critical Need Unit Team
Assistant Cubmaster Pack 0125

1 comment:

  1. Don't be a quiter... You can do this... It's all in your attitude. Giving up on those 4 simple goals is giving up on everything.
    Once you quit it makes it easier to quit and now you have a habit of being a quiter.
    You are kidding me with all this self deprecation right? C'mon man... you are an Eagle Scout and a Leader. Grab your boot straps and pull them up.
    Like I tell my Scouts all the time, the worst person you can ever give up on is yourself.
    Hang in there.


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