Saturday, 29 December 2007

The Final Countdown to 2008 Begins Now

Wow 2007 has come and gone so quickly but instead of dwelling in 2007 lets lot to 2008 and make that a year to remember for our units. Yes the holidays are a time to think about family and have a temporary break from the struggle of weekly meetings but this does not mean that we have a right to just drop everything scouting for these two weeks of holiday. A lot of people just end up spending their time in their home town at home.

For your new years resolution lets make a commitment to our Scouting Units to make a difference and reach a certain milestone by the end of the year. personally for my unit I am making a commitment to develop youth leader training for a small troop because I want the other youth leaders to develop their skills. By helping them develop their leadership potential I am not only teaching them about themselves but I am giving myself that rights I said ME a OPPORTUNITY to DEVELOP MY OWN POTENTIAL CAPABILITIES. Learning by improving my unit is definitely something I strive for.

You may be thinking that I am acting like i have all the answers for every little problem my unit encounters but the truth is that I do not know the solution to every problem but until I experience the situation or task I will never know if I have a big enough toolbox to solve the problem. I am not talking about I tool box full of maintenance tools but a toolbox of traits, abilities, and skills that can be used to deal with "People Problems". Every person that the leader meets and is incharge of is going to have a problem that is hard to deal with in the eyes of the leader.

Hopefully I did not bore you too long and hopefully you think I am on the right track with the ideas of the scouting movement. Please feel free to comment on this post. As long as it does not include too much slander I will approve it for public viewing.

Until next time, have a wonderful holiday season and the best of luck in 2008

Yours in Scouting
Mark W
Troop 1616
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster

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