Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Making Scouting the best possible in 2008

One of the questions I continually get from Scouts is "How can I make the most out of Scouting". Usually when Scouts asks me this question I usually ask them about their past history in the Troop and what activities and functions they have participated in that was fun. After defining what they liked I get ideas for activities that they would like the Troop to participate in. Then depending on what they want to do or have the Troop do I may sit down with them and make a goal for the year that has to do with scouting that is involved or not involved with that activity depending on their position and maturity level.

Goal setting it is something that helps us define what we want and how we should get to what we want. The Method that the Boy Scouts of America in helping leaders define a goal is the SMART methodology.

S- Specific: The goal must be focused on a single item. It must do the most good for the greatest number of people possible with the limited resources that are available in your Troop to use.

M- Measurable: For a goal to be measurable you must first define your initial value or baseline and then decide what you want to work up to in reasonable increments that are possible to achieve with the people and limited resources you surround yourself with.

A- Attainable: You should set goals that are a challenge for you to reach but are not too challenging that the become impossible to reach. I am not discouraging the concept of "Dreaming Big" but I am saying that in order to "Dream Big" you must have small Dreams that add to to your overall "Big Dream" you have created for yourself.

R- Relevant: Whatever goals you make in your life you must make sure these goals are in-line with your interests and your ideals. But remember that when you are trying to come up with a goal it is not necessarily just about your own personal life but it could involve friends, family, scouting, or other organizations you are involved with.

T-Timely: Set specific dates by which you are to achieve your goal or steps that allow you to reach that goal. Setting these specific dates will allow you to have a concrete way of measuring your success. It also helps you to achieve your goals a reasonable amount of time.

Setting goals does not have to be just for Scouting, it should be a method that is used in every aspect of your life to achieve your dreams and to have success at what every task you are assigned or that you give yourself.

Set goals and be happy to know that by setting goals you are on your way to leading a more organized and better managed life.

Yours in Scouting
Mark W
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster
Troop 1616

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