Saturday, 5 January 2008

What After Being Active

Here is one of biggest problems that I continually run into with people who are new to the scouting program and that is not knowing their is always something you could do for the Scouting Movement. Yes scouting is about fun and games but when scouts approach me and say their is nothing to do on this campout, I can usually give a list of at least five different tasks that could require attention when the resources become availble. As soon as I mention one of these tasks, all of a sudden these scouts have something to do, which for me solves the problem of them being bored, even though they did not get a straight answer from me.

We as leaders of a Scouting unit must continually promote the idea of self reliance. When I am talking about self-reliance I am talking about other youth leaders in the Troop being guided to a solution to their problem without the person in a higher position giving them a direct answer.

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