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NSJ 2010 Trivia

Did you know that the 1957 Jamboree was second of three Jamborees held at Valley Forge. During this jamboree there was 50,100 scouts and the theme for this jamboree was that of "Onward For My God and My Country"

The 1950 Jamboree held at Valley Forge was featured on the July 24, 1950 cover of LIFE magazine. This jamboree was attended by 47, 163 people.

The 1953 Jamboree held at Irvine Ranch, California featured appearances by
Dorothy Lamour
James Stewart
Roy Rogers
Dale Evans
The Bell Sissters
Danny Kaye
June Allyson
and Others
Approximately 45,401 Scouts attended.

Daniel Carter beard, one of the founders of the BSA< lit the opening campfire of the first national Scout Jamboree in 1937 in front of 27,232 Scouts camped on the mall in Washington DC.

Dwight D Eisenhower has the record for the most presidential visits to the jamboree. In 1950 and 1957 both at Valley Forge and also the 1960 Jamboree in Colorado Springs.

The target National Scout Jamboree was actually two jambores. In 1973 two locations served as jamboree sites: Moraine State park in Pennsylvania and Garragut State park in Idaho. Combined there were over 64,000 scouts in attendance.

The first National Jamboree didn't actually happen. It was scheduled for 1935 in Washington DC but was cancelled due to a polio epidemic. The jamboree was rescheduled and took place in 1937 on the mall in Washington DC.

Here are just a few of the interesting historical Trivia Facts about the Boy Scouts of America National Scout Jamboree history and legacy.

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  1. Great trivia! Fun, fun stuff! Hope you'll come out with more. I've included it in today's news on Scouting with the Mouse and linked back to your site. Hope it brings you some visitors.


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