Monday, 9 November 2009

Boy Scouts to Cub Scouts

Many of you may be wondering, if you are a regular reader of Scoutingmaniac why I would change from the Boy Scout Troop Level to the Cub Scout Pack Level. There are several different reasons, some of them personal, some of them based on logistics, and some of them based on units that are taking leaders where I live.

1. Personal: I knew that I wanted to stay involved with some sort of Scout Unit at all costs, I know I already joined a Explorer Post down here but still that is not a traditional Scout Unit and that is what I wanted to work with. Traditional Scout Units include Packs, Crews, Ships, Troops, and Teams. Each have a different purpose and age range but overall the message of developing citizens of high moral fiber is the same throughout the program. Also The opportunity to get to work with a Cub Scout Pack was given to me and I always wanted to work with a Cub Scout Pack as a adult leader, I definitely going to have a lot to learn in a short amount of time but learning more about my favorite activity just comes naturally to me.

2. Logistics: I am currently a college student but do not have a vehicle so the Troop or Pakc had to be close. In this case the Pack is with 9 blocks which makes it a little over a 1 mile from the University. The other Unit within the same distance was a Boy Scout Troop but they were currently not accepting new applications for adult leaders, I have never run into a issue like this, so it surprised me. This to me did not make sense because 99% of the units of I have had contact with needed more leaders to have a fully functioning committee or unit. Also I could have chosen a Troop within a differnet district that was only 25 minutes away by bus but I did not want to do this because of the logistics involved with making sure I have a ride to and from via public transportation. So this unit was my only option but I am most definitely glad that I choose this unit.

I went to my first meeting with the unit last week, they are a smaller unit with only about 15 boys in the unit but that is perfectly fine with me. I have finally gotten use to the idea of a smaller unit from my experience in Alaska. I do believe though that growth for this unit will be necessary to ensure its longterm success, so my plans while I am actively involved in the unit include helping make a better recruitment and keeping scheme for the unit. In this unit I will serve as a Assistant Den Leader, this position is a direct contact position which is definitely the type of position I wanted to have.

The meeting was a Pack Meeting that ended up being a Halloween Party and Pinewood Derby. Most units could not have gotten away with having these two events on the same night, which was exactly like the Cub Scout Pack I was involved with as a youth, but since it is a smaller unit, the combination of the two events ended up working out perfectly.

All the adult leaders had not problem with me and I hope I made a good impression and will be a good asset to the unit in the future.

Until my next report, have a great Scouting Week and good luck in all that you do. I definitely have a lot to learn but learning it will be easy with all of the resources I have at my disposal which include other leaders, A strong District staff and Commissioner, the internet, Scouts-L, and my regular readers of my blog.

Yours in Scouting Service
Mark W
Assistant Den Leader Pack 69
Frontier District, Denver Area Council
NSJ '05 Youth Participant '10 Subcamp 7 Youth Staff
Eagle Scout OA Brotherhood Member
WSJ '07 '11 Philmont AA '08

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