Thursday, 19 November 2009

4th National High Adventure Base

It is official the BSA, has released a Press Release about a 50 million dollar endowment to develop and build a National High Adventure Base in West Virginia. This facility is expected to be the home of future National Jamborees after the year 2010. Also if the BSA bids for a upcoming World Jamboree, then this will be the location of the event. This has not been confirmed but has be rumored at for a while now, a a few semireliable sources, we will probably not have a definite answer to this for a while. Also it is suppose to complement Florida Seabase, Philmont, and Northern Tier as another National High Adventure Base Option for Scouts to Attend. It is also going to be another National Training Center.

Here is a map of the area:

Here is a link to the Press Release from the BSA:

Click Here.

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